The Importance of Being Dad

Dads out there, listen to me!

There’s more to being a father than mowing the lawn, watching TV or setting up the internet with There’s more to being a dad than simply having the wife, the house, the kids and the car. Everyone knows that a true father is a leader and it’s important to remember that when you have children.

Sure, it’s tough to hear. Not a lot of grownups want to hear words like “responsibility” and “commitment” unless it involves walking a dog and being on time for the big game, but when you’re a father, you must make the ultimate sacrifice and be a true leader to your children. Sons, daughters, it doesn’t matter what your child’s gender is or how they may grow up differently, in the nuclear family household the father is the head of the household and therefore the leader.

You, dads, are the ones the kids look to ultimately for guidance and you are the ones they will challenge both in terms of curiosities and rules.

In the end there’s no disputing the importance of parenthood and the father is just as important as the mother when it comes to raising children and teaching them the ways of the world.

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