The Importance Of Being A Dad

There are millions of children without parents in the world but there are more children in today’s society who are fatherless. This may be because a lot of men are afraid and are not sure of what to expect or if they are able to handle the responsibility, so they run in fear. On the other hand, some men just don’t care to have the responsibility, so they leave because they want to. Being a father is very important because of the balance that must be upheld.

All too frequently a mother is left to care for a child, nourish it and care for it all on her own. This is to be expected but with the father there, situations can flow so much easier. Everyone needs a role model and many people look to their dad to show them they way.

A lot of people feel that little girls don’t need their father as much as little boys but they need their father just as much. With the father around, there are a lot of situations that are able to be avoided or handled a lot easier.

The importance of being a dad means that you are able to handle your responsibility and be there when you are and are not needed. The relationship status of the father and mother are irrelevant because all that matters is the child.

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