Character Building Activities For Fathers And Children

A child-s father is one of the two most important people in their life. While you will influence your son or daughter-s character just by being a day-to-day role model to them, there are also activities you can do together that will build character, while building your relationship. Here a just a few ideas to get you started.

‘Volunteer with your child. Make the volunteer activity related to one of your child-s interests, and they will feel more positive about it from the start. Children often like to work with animals, or to be involved in helping other children.

‘Worship together. If you don-t have one already, find a family-friendly church, synagogue, or mosque where you feel comfortable. As part of a religious community you will have access to many activities that are character building. Just fulfilling a commitment to go together each week, is by itself, building character.

‘Share a goal. Does your city sponsor a 5K run, or walk? Is there a trip you want to take with your child? Perhaps your daughter wants to learn to ride a bike. Working towards a goal together is one the best character building activities that there is.

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