3 Countries with the Highest Expected Demand for Elderly Care

The healthcare industry is one of the best fields to enter if you want a high-paying job without spending a lot of hours at work. The careers in the field are expected to become even more lucrative in the upcoming years, especially in countries with an aging population.

Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, home health aides who assist the elderly or those with disabilities or chronic illness will see a 38 percent increase by 2024. Since this data is only for professionals with no formal education, the outlook for professionals tasked with taking care of older adults is even greater.

Older adults have specialized needs, and being an expert in this field is a lucrative skill. In the US alone, professionals with a Master’s in Gerontology have a bright future with 12 million Americans requiring their services by 2030. The data for geriatric care was based on the U.S. market – but how about the rest of the world?

Here’s a list of the top three countries with the oldest population.

  1.    Japan

With one out of every four citizens aged 65 and above as well as a decrease in live births in the recent years, Japan is an old country. In fact, one study revealed Japan had to increase the number of physicians by 53 percent to meet the demand by 2035.

With these gloomy stats, the country will require more workers, especially in the health sector. Japan has been opening its doors to foreign workers to ease the labor shortage.

  1.    Germany

There is an increase in the demand for healthcare and nursing professionals in Germany. This is one of the fields that require more professionals, since many people in the country are senior citizens. Recruiting in the field has been difficult.

In fact, the country is looking into hiring foreign workers and refugees to make up for the gap between supply and demand.

  1.    United Kingdom

The United Kingdom ranks a bit lower on the list than Japan and Germany; it requires more people to handle its healthcare industry. The members of the population aged 65 and above have been estimated to increase by 48.9 percent in the next 20 years.

Doctors are particularly in demand in the United Kingdom, and so are nursing professionals.

Aging is a reality of life, but some countries have populations that are older than others. This is a lucrative market for healthcare professionals, especially those who are thinking about which field of medicine to pursue.

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